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America is in crisis, a crisis of historic proportions. Yet it is also a time of decision. The choices we make in this crucial election year will determine our future as a nation.
In the last 4 years, under the stewardship of the current president and Congress, we have accumulated more national debt than all prior Congresses combined, from the founding of our country to today. Currently that debt has reached a staggering $15 trillion.  Over the past four years alone Congress has voted to spend five trillion dollars more than it has received. As our broken entitlement system hurtles toward the cliff of insolvency, that already unsustainable debt will explode.
How can we spend money we don’t have?
And, as if that were not bad enough, our leadership in Washington DC, in order to spend beyond its means, prints and borrows money, and leaves that bill to be paid by America’s future generations: our children and grand-children. Most Vermonters, most Americans, will agree: this behavior is abhorrent, immoral and unconscionable.
In addition, many Vermonters – and more than 14 million Americans -- are out of work. Our nation’s first priority must be to get the economy growing again so that employers will start hiring new people and unemployed Americans can go back to work. This must be our primary priority. In most cases, it simply means that the Federal Government needs to get out of the way. Instead, Washington continuously stands in the way of the entrepreneurs, the productive, job producing sector of our economy, the sector that is the engine of growth for the creation of jobs. Moreover, instead of getting out of the way, Washington continues to place new burdens, new regulations, and new taxes on the engines of growth. Recovery will continue to be delayed as long as some in Congress, and our President, spend much of their days engaging in the rhetoric of class warfare rather than rolling up their sleeves and making the tough choices necessary to rescue our economy and save our future from looking like today’s Greece.
We stand at a crossroads.
There are two clear and distinct choices.
Down the first road is to continue spending money we don’t have, borrowing to make up the difference, and leaving that crushing debt to be paid by our children and grand-children.
Down the second road is to start living within our means.
Down the first road is the demagogic decision to demonize the private sector and the producers of jobs and growth in the economy, using the rhetoric of class warfare to seek to raise their taxes and increase the costly regulations that make their life more burdensome.
Down the second road is the bold decision to repeal laws that impede job growth, instituting major tax reform that lowers marginal tax rates, broadens the tax base, and ends crony capitalism. This would be a win-win for our economy and for the federal budget: pursuing pro-growth policies that will increase revenues and help create jobs at one and the same time.

Vermont’s incumbent Senator is solidly committed to continuing down that first road toward a catastrophic national bankruptcy and further increases in unemployment. It seems that he has does not know what it takes to create jobs, and, in fact, supports raising taxes on the producers of jobs which, needless to say, would make it more difficult to create them. In short, his vote can almost always be counted on to continue down the wrong road.
Consequently, we must change course.  We need effective leadership that can get real results for Vermont!
At this time I am reminded of these famous words spoken to an English parliament: “You were deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, are become the greatest grievance.”
For the sake of our country, we need a new Senator. I am running to be that Senator. I ask for your support.